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Millennial economy: Banker calls for innovation in workplace ​

With the recent reports that in the next five years, three out of five employees in the workplace will be Millennial

Banker Calls for Reverse Mentoring in Managing Workplace Millennials​

Ezurike, has challenged organizations, wishing to compete in the era of the 4th industrial revolution

Banker charges firms on the Millennial Question in the new decade​

Nduneche Ezurike, has noted that ahead of the famed disruptive technologies and digital transformation

Forum advocates understanding, engagement of ‘millennials’ in workplace for optimal performance​

Many organisations are today struggling with changing culture in workplace since the millennial generation – individuals born about mid 1980s to 2000s –started entering the workforce

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EMP is an engagement design which harnesses employee self-interest to unlock organizational benefits of innovation and business growth. As a concept, it means that the organisation is akin to a marketplace of ideas and shared benefits for both employees and enterprise. As a Leadership engagement model, ‘Employee Marketplace” underscores the role of talents in achieving workplace innovation and business growth.

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