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The Employee Marketplace Initiative is a knowledge sharing network focused on delivering ideas and insights on the changing workplace, and how today’s leaders and organizations can effectively harness the talent of the millennials and Gen Zs to stimulate workplace innovation

Our project scope

An advocacy platform designed to stimulate informed conversations on workplace millennials in the era of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

EMP helps to promote a workplace culture of diversity, collaboration, and personal growth

How can we make everyday a TGIF? ​

Providing an engaging experience enables organisations to attract and retain talents

Capacity building

Our learning and development exercise presents strategic points of view on Leadership, Culture, Innovation and Talent in the workplace of today.

Get to hear the success story between Employee marketplace and its Audience over the years and see their progress story..

Having attended two EMP discussion seminars, a whole lot of information has been gathered. From understanding gender roles and equalities to generational value. I must say I can’t wait for the next seminar by the team. Kudos to the convener, Nduneche Ezurike for this platform

Odukoya Oluwatobi Digital Communications

EMP is an educative and inclusive platform that focuses on key workplace topics. I have attended two seminars and gained valuable insights on gender roles, equalities, and generational values. Looking forward to the next seminar. Kudos to convener Nduneche Ezurike

Onyinye Mbachu Human Resources

EMP has been an educative and inclusive platform that allows for studies, discussions and orientations on key topics that affect the workplace. The topics, though evident but neglected, are given importance and relevance. Allowing for delegates and attendees to benefit greatly from the platform

Omayuku Juilet Internal communications executive

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